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The Force is Strong with this one...

"Are you sure you don't want to go "Moo" at Pazo? He's got a great sense of humor. Trust me."

He sighs heavily. "If you insist..."

"A few days ago, while fishing along the docks of Menethil, a gnome sporting an oversized wizard's hat invaded my peace and quiet and started asking about Flatty. My attempts to ignore him proved to be futile, so I told him what he wanted to know."

"That was mistake number one. He proceded to go on a rant about how changing the diet of pets can result in some undesireable consequences. As he kept talking and talking, I looked at Flatty and was half tempted to let him eat my entire supply of Snappers right there so that the little gnome could get a first hand account of those undesireable consequences. It took everything I had in me to resist that urge."

"Well, then he asked the same thing you just did. Why haven't I done anything about Flatty's 'condition.' I told him my allergies helped, thinking that would satisfy him and he would leave. That was mistake number two. The little gnome then goes on a rant about how his studies in alchemy could perhaps yeild a powerful potion that would clear up all my allergies for good. I just about shoved the freaky little hatted creature in the ocean right there. Could he not see that allergies were a blessing? Fortunately, his life was spared due to the arrival of our transport."

"Now, Please leave us alone. My ale is getting warm."

A. Go "moo" at the bartender.

B. Head back to the doorway and see what else there is to do.

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